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CCAM Seminar Series - Meier-Schellersheim

Thursday, February 26, 2015
4:00pm – 5:00pm

UConn Health
CGSB, 400 Farmington Ave., CCAM Conference Room, R1673

CCAM Seminar Series Guest: Martin Meier-Schellersheim Title: "Computational models that help us understand cellular signaling behavior" Host: Leslie Loew

Abstract: Faced with the complexity of living systems, biomedical research has traditionally focused on strongly confined questions that could be answered with experiments providing ‘yes-or-no’ answers, for example, blocking a component A will modify the behavior of another component B’. Driven by recent advances in experimental techniques that permit high-throughput profiling of biological samples or acquiring high-resolution images at the sub-cellular level, the ambition of researchers has become to understand the function of entire networks of interacting components underlying physiological regulatory processes. Fortunately, we are currently witnessing break-throughs in computational capabilities that parallel those seen in the experimental realm. Using examples from cellular signaling pathways and cell migration assays I will discuss how computational approaches allow us to test hypotheses that could not be explored without such support. I will extrapolate to suggest that realistic simulations will be driving elements of biomedical research in the not too far future.


Tiffany Gough,

Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling (primary)

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