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OHP: Bob Sinclair. Economic Stress

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
10:00am – 11:30am

Storrs Campus
OAK 108

Bob Sinclair is a Professor of Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Clemson University. Economic stressors (e.g., job insecurity, financial deprivation, unemployment) are among the top health hazards associated with work. In fact, annual US surveys show that work, money, and the economy have been among Americans’ top sources of stress for several years. Many studies support the relationship between economic stressors and health outcomes. Yet, it is somewhat surprising that relatively little occupational health research focuses on addressing employees’ economic concerns. With these issues in mind, the overarching goal of this presentation is to provide participants with an introduction to the study of economic stress. I will discuss the current state of the US economy with special regard to economic stressors, provide a simple framework for defining different kinds of economic stressors, and describe some scientific evidence linking different economic stressors to health outcomes. I also will discuss both psychological factors that make assessments of economic stress challenging (i.e., challenges related to how people think about money) and provide additional recommendations for future economic stress research and intervention development.


Vicki Magley

Psychology Department (primary)

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