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"Syzygy Series" Art Show Closing

Thursday, April 6, 2017
9:00am – 7:00pm

Stamford Campus
Art Gallery

Syzygy Series - “Luna moth and beer cans” Art Exhibit by Peter Ciccariello

Feb 27 - April 6, 2017

Pairing the evocative Luna moth (Actias luna) with discarded metallic trash provided the opportunity to explore this syzygial relationship. Seen mostly at night, the Luna moth with it’s disquieting eyespots live approximately one week, solely to mate as adults.

On the other hand, trash is ubiquitous. Trash sits at the intersection of urban and rural, (another syzygial opposition), of use and discard, of the personal and the public. Trash is the historical record of culture and of civilization itself. We find the personal and public detritus everywhere choking waterways, windblown on our mountains, even a gigantic floating garbage field, mostly of bits and pieces of plastic, in the northwest Pacific Ocean, about a thousand miles off the coast of California.

But Trash also sits in the liminal space between beauty and ugliness. Found trash, out of context, has a new, fresh and vital meaning. The juxtaposition and visual tension of the natural and the unnatural, the living and the discarded dead, serves to identify the inherent poetical nature in these objects. Here we have trash as poetic object.

The viewer responds to this dichotomy in multiple ways. The use of collage and pastiche in a first stage montage is further eroded by mapping the resultant images into a 3-d software program, this serves to fragment context in an even more disturbing manner. Trash becomes art, advertising text becomes poetry. Trash and Luna moth combine into a synthesized visual image that represents an amalgam of opposites.


Gary Faulkner,, (203) 251-8450

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