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The Plain Truth About Bee Keeping - Part 1

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
10:00am – 12:00pm

Middlesex County Extension Center

The thought of becoming a Bee Keeper and extracting honey is romantic and attractive to many. Some dream of having enough honey for personal use, others think of Bee Keeping as a business. The likelihood of success is low if you are not fully informed on what it takes to be a thriving Bee Keeper prior to starting. Have you ever wondered about Bee Keeping? Do you know the steps in the direction of becoming a successful Bee Keeper? Are you conversant about the cost; education needs; time/hive management; the pitfalls; and overall commitment necessary for success? The Plain Truth About Bee Keeping Parts 1 and 2 will answer these questions and offer all necessary information on how to start the process of Bee Keeping. The courses will also delineate for you if Bee Keeping is meant for you. This class will offer pertinent information other Bee Keeping classes do not offer. Your questions will be answered! You may take one or both classes, as you wish.


Gail Reynolds

Extension (primary), College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, UConn Master Calendar

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