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Boot Camp for Your Senses

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
6:30pm – 8:30pm

Edgerton Park Carriage House, 200 Edgehill Rd New Haven, CT 06511

Your garden could be so fulfilling, if you plug in. Coinciding with the publication of Tovah’s new book, The Garden in Every Sense and Season, this lecture explores the garden on all levels by attuning your nose to the scents and training your ears to listen. Learn to garden with eyes wide open, ears to the ground, and hands outstretched. This class will lead you through an odyssey of exploration to awaken the senses and arouse your abilities of perception on all levels. Sharing advice and ideas to deeply enhance the gardening experience while also incorporating a “Smellathon” to help get nostrils in gear, the experience is beautiful and fun as well as highly practical. After this presentation, your garden will be more savory, you will know its touch, smell its aromas, hear its voice, and see it anew.


Jude Hsiang

Extension (primary), College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, UConn Master Calendar

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