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Lunch and Learn: Professor Michael Willig

Wednesday, October 17, 2018
12:10pm – 1:10pm

Storrs Campus
Buckley Classroom

Join Professor Michael Willig for lunch.

In my “discussion” I will characterize and discuss personal experiences that catalyzed my interests in science in general and ecology in particular. I will also briefly summarize a number of my research projects, ranging from “characterizing the responses of birds and bats to agricultural practices in the Amazon” to “understanding the role of climate-induced distrubances on the invertebrate fauna of Puerto Rico” to “exploring the geography of biodiversity with respect to latitude and elevation”. I will conclude with some advice about preparing for a career in science and, leave you with a challenge to begin imaging a sustainable world.

This is an Honors event. Category: Academic & Interdisciplinary Engagement #UHLevent270

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