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Looking in the Mirror: Combating Implicit Bias

Thursday, March 28, 2019
12:30pm – 2:00pm

Law School
Janet M. Blumberg Hall

Join Dean Demeola and Professor Morgan for an interactive training as they teach us how the implicit biases we all harbour can affect our professional relationships, our legal careers, and our work with the communities we serve. Through this training, participants will gain a better understanding of how and why unconscious bias exists, be able to identify some of their own unconscious biases, and learn how to have an increased awareness of these biases when making decisions. Lunch will be served.

Speakers will include:

Dean Karen Demeola, Assistant Dean for Finance, Administration, and Enrollment. Professor Jamelia Morgan, Associate Professor of Law and Robert D. Glass Scholar. UConn Law is pleased to host this event as part of the 8th Annual UConn Law Diversity Week. Information on UConn Law Diversity Week and the entire schedule of events can be accessed on the UConn Law Diversity Week page.


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