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Time Management During a Single Class

Monday, June 17, 2019
2:00pm – 3:15pm

Storrs Campus
ROWE 319

• Have a plan going in, decide roughly how much time each item will take- Remember that the first time you teach a class, it will require LOTS of prep time. Better plan equals more successful the class (usually) understand that nearly everything will take either more or less time than you expected it to. Adjust accordingly. • Do frequent time checks during class- • If there’s no clock in the room consult your watch or phone regularly • Start with your objectives o Plan for teaching each objective o Prioritize the list- what absolutely MUST be done during this class o Other items of lesser importance • Active learning (discussion, mini-projects, projects, problems…) takes time. Plan accordingly, think about presentation and assessment. Monitor students during active learning by moving around the room, checking student work. Refocus unproductive groups. • Start on time. End on time. • Have a plan for what was not covered- homework, a later class, extra credit… If it is neither covered nor assigned DO NOT TEST STUDENTS ON IT • At the end of class a brief wrap up or “exit slip” enhances learning. • Think about what you need to do after the class ends- adjust the plan for next time you teach the course, wrap up loose ends, let students know what is being done regarding material not covered- via email or HuskyCT.

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