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Thursday, April 18, 2019

  1. All Day
    1. Chemistry Building 20th Anniversary
    2. Come Ride with Us: UConn Summer Horseback Riding Registration Open
    3. UConn May & Summer Session Enrollment
  2. 7:30am
    1. Urology Grand Rounds
  3. 8am
    1. Medical Grand Rpunds
  4. 9am
    1. UConn ECE Sociology Workshop
    2. UConn School of Engineering Professional Education Webinar
  5. 9:30am
    1. CBE Seminar - New Materials & Printing Processes for Flexible Electronics
  6. 10am
    1. Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Spencer Reese
  7. 10:15am
    1. Memoir Club
  8. 11am
    1. Dissertation Defense: Matthew Guargilia
    2. Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Kerri Nelson
    3. Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Matthew Guariglia
    4. Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Matthew Guariglia
    5. Living Well With Heart Disease
  9. 11:30am
    1. Chemistry Colloquium: Marinella Mazzanti, EPFL
    2. UConn World Club Meeting
  10. 12pm
    1. Career Conversations: The Institute of Professional Practices, Inc and the Delta Group
    2. Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Kayleigh Ryherd
    3. Open Resume Lab
  11. 12:15pm
    1. Research Excellence in Political Science poster session and reception
  12. 12:30pm
    1. (Re)Claiming Voices and Sharing Stories: Contesting Power, Privilege, and Silence in the Classroom
    2. Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Angran Li
    3. HRI Lunchtime Seminar, Louise Richardson-Self
    4. InCHIP Lecture: Wendy M. Troxel, PhD
    5. Lecture: Financial Aid Reform and LGBTQ Students: How Recent Proposals to Alter Student Borrowing Could Impact Queer and Transgender College Students
    6. LLM & International Student Meeting
    7. UConn Henna Club
  13. 1:15pm
    1. How Learning a New Language Changes Your Brain
  14. 2pm
    1. Accelerate UConn Finale
    2. OPT Workshop (Post-Completion)
  15. 2:30pm
    1. Hartford Career Conversations: United States Marine Corps, Collins Aerospace, US Army and Hartford Seminary
    2. UConn Hartford Career Conversations
  16. 3pm
    1. International Chat: Cultural Perceptions and Tissue Paper Flowers
  17. 3:30pm
    1. Advocacy Committee Meeting
    2. CMO Research Meeting
  18. 4pm
    1. Analysis and Probability Seminar<BR>Non-local curvatures and the geometry of measures<BR>Max Goering (University of Washington)
    2. Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Brandon Benevento
    3. Teale Lecture: Improving Water Quality: Are Economics and the Environment Always at Odds?
    4. UConn IDEA Grant Year-End Showcase
  19. 5pm
    1. How Democracies Die: Prof. Steve Levitsky (Harvard)
    2. Intersectionality Abroad: The Role of International Human Rights Law in Race and Gender Discrimination and Subordination
    3. MCB Ph.D. and PSM/PM Career Development Seminar
    4. Yoga Club
  20. 5:30pm
    1. Rainbow Center Graduate Student Colloquium
  21. 6pm
    1. Bisexual/Pansexual+ Discussion Group
  22. 6:30pm
    1. UConn iGEM Design Team Meeting
  23. 7pm
    1. Breast Cancer Support Group
    2. Rainbow Connections
  24. 8pm
    1. Collegium Musicum: English Compline, 1500-1700
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