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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

  1. 9am
    1. Commuter Appreciation Week: Travelin Trivia Tuesday
    2. UConn School of Engineering Professional Education Webinar
  2. 10am
    1. Post-Completion OPT Workshop
  3. 11am
    1. Allied Health Information Session
    2. Developing And Building Online Assessments In HuskyCT
  4. 12pm
    1. Career Tuesday-LOEB NYC
    2. Faculty Discussion On How To Be An Anti- Racist
    3. MBB Seminar: Julia Oh
  5. 12:30pm
    1. Intro To Mindfulness
    2. Origami
  6. 1pm
    1. CPT/Pre-Completion OPT Workshop: Stamford Campus
    2. Laugh Out Loud
    3. Need Help With HuskyCT? HuskyCT Open Session (Basics, Organizing, Grade Center, LockDown Browser, Assessments, Etc.)
  7. 1:30pm
    1. The Feminization Of Transgender Women In Prisons For Men: How Prison As A Total Institution Shapes Gender
  8. 2pm
    1. <BR>Control And Optimization Seminar<BR>Infinite-Horizon Linear-Quadratic Optimal Control Problems Without Stabilizability<BR>Jiongmin Yong (University Of Central Florida)
    2. Negotiating Job Offers
    3. Social Work Student Association
  9. 2:30pm
    1. Promoting Alternatives To Police In Schools: Addressing The School To Prison Pipeline
  10. 4pm
    1. UConn Avery Point Group Advising Sessions
  11. 5pm
    1. Gentle Therapeutic Yoga
    2. SUBOG Outreach Weekly Committee Meetings
    3. Success In S.T.E.M.
  12. 5:30pm
    1. Investment Banking Society Weekly Meeting
    2. Recovery Yoga
  13. 6pm
    1. Latinx/a/o Heritage Month Keynote Speaker
    2. Speaker: Adam Giardino - Play-by-Play Sports Broadcaster
    3. SUBOG Digital Entertainment & Film Weekly Meeting
  14. 7pm
    1. Women In Business Weekly Meeting
    2. Women In Business Weekly Meeting
  15. 7:30pm
    1. Information Management Association Meeting - With The Hartford
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