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Monday, October 26, 2020

  1. 9am
    1. Ask About CCEI - Office Hours
    2. UConn School of Engineering Professional Education Webinar
  2. 10am
    1. <BR>Actuarial Science Seminar<BR>Risk Management Of Insurance Portfolio: A Dynamic Point Of View<BR> Hailiang Yang (University Of Hong Kong)
    2. CANCELED | School Of Engineering Information Session And Group Advising
  3. 11am
    1. Hartford Pre Law Society Meeting
    2. Intro To Mindfulness
  4. 12pm
    1. ASG Lunch Meeting
    2. Candy Bag Fundraiser
    3. Friends Of Recovery Meeting
    4. Info Sessions On Teacher Prep & Sport Management
    5. MBB Journal Club: Kaussar Rahman
    6. Meet ACES Students
    7. Meet CLAS Students
    8. Meet HDFS Students
  5. 1pm
    1. League Of Legends
    2. State Mandated Diversity Awareness Training
    3. Talking To Professors
  6. 1:30pm
    1. Initial Laboratory Safety And Chemical Waste Management
  7. 2pm
    1. Virtual UConn Avery Point Student Center
  8. 2:30pm
    1. PDE And Differential Geometry Seminar <BR>Topological Rigidity Of The First Betti Number And Ricci Flow Smoothing<BR> Shaosai Huang (UW Madison)
  9. 3pm
    1. Advanced Features In Blackboard Collaborate
    2. Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense Of Tanesia Beverly
    3. On Racism: Raising The Bar To Publish On Racial Health Inequities
    4. Reading Group
  10. 4pm
    1. Meditation Mondays
    2. Virtual Holocaust Educators Workshop: Part II
  11. 5pm
    1. Drama Club
    2. SUBOG Special Events Weekly Meeting
  12. 5:30pm
    1. UConn Orthopaedic Surgery Journal Club
  13. 6pm
    1. DHMS: Jenny Odell
    2. Fall Frontiers Live Student Presentations
    3. SUBOG Major Weekends Weekly Meeting
    4. The Vote Part 2– Film Discussion (View Film Prior)
    5. Women's Finance Association
  14. 7pm
    1. Encounters: American Dreams
    2. Why We're Hooked: The Truth Behind Addictive Technology
    3. Why We're Hooked: The Truth Behind Addictive Technology
  15. 8:30pm
    1. Monday Night Game Night
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