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Friday, April 23, 2021

  1. All Day
    1. Anti-Racism Engagement Study: Participants Needed
    2. UConn Nutrition Club Virtual 5k Fundraiser
    3. UConn Summer Horseback Riding Lessons
  2. 8:15am
    1. Pulmonary, Critical Care And Sleep Medicine Grand Rounds
  3. 8:30am
    1. New Employee Orientation
  4. 9am
    1. Furthering Ability To Confront Performance And Organizational Challenges
  5. 10am
    1. UConn Human Rights Symposium: Gender, Labor, & COVID-19
    2. University Forums On Race, Policing And Justice: The Chauvin Trial
  6. 11am
    1. Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense Of Tao Wu
    2. Marine Sciences Seminar: Jessica Fitzsimmons
  7. 11:15am
    1. UConn Human Rights Symposium: Reproductive Justice & The Law
  8. 12pm
    1. A Call To Action: Higher Education Institutions Advancing Health Justice Of Undocumented Communities
    2. Chauvin Verdict Solidarity Hour
    3. ECOM Speaker Series: Emeritus Professor Peter Gardenfors
    4. Ethnography Workshop
    5. Hispanic/Latinx Antifascism And The Spanish Republican Cause In The United States, 1936-1977
    6. UConn Health Radiology Grand Rounds
  9. 12:15pm
    1. Critical LOOKing: A Virtual Dialogue
  10. 12:20pm
    1. Animal Science Seminar: Delong Zhang
  11. 12:30pm
    1. "Él no es: Infrapolitics And The Experience Of Tragedy"
    2. Antiracist Approaches To Writing Instruction
    3. Jonathan's Climate Club: Children's Storytime
  12. 1pm
    1. Intro to Mindfulness
    2. State Mandated Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
    3. USG Executive Board Meeting
  13. 2pm
    1. Algebra Seminar<BR>Multi-Rees Algebras Of Strongly Stable Ideals<BR>Selvi Kara (University Of South Alabama)
    2. Swimming In Microplastics? Pictures From The Adriatic Sea," A Talk By Martina Capriotti, Ph.D. (UConn, Avery Point)
    3. The Environment Corps: An Engaged Scholarship Model That Combines Classroom Instruction, Service Learning And Extension (An Act In Two Parts) Part 2
    4. UConn Reads - Italian Transdisciplinary Seminar
  14. 3pm
    1. Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense
    2. Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense Of Katherine DiScipio
    3. Letters About Literature Ceremony
  15. 3:30pm
    1. Phiala Shanahan (Physics Colloquium)
    2. SIGMA Seminar<BR>Applying The Generalized Riemann Hypothesis<BR>Peter Fenteany
  16. 4pm
    1. Master's Presentation- Debra Tomasino
  17. 6pm
    1. Thomas Jay Jensen, Composer And Thomas Jay Jensen, Composer And Trombone Recital Live Stream
  18. 8pm
    1. Outdoor Movie - Soul
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