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Sun, Sep 26 2021Mon, Sep 27 2021Tue, Sep 28 2021Wed, Sep 29 2021Thu, Sep 30 2021Fri, Oct 1 2021Sat, Oct 2 2021
  1. 11am

    1. Actuarial Science Seminar
      Machine Learning: An Overview And Applications In Banking
      Vijay Nair (University Of Michigan)
  1. 2pm
    1. EMWG Reading Group
  1. 3:30pm
    1. MCB Seminar Series: Dr. Beth Cimini
  1. 11:15am
    1. Algebra Seminar
      Periodicity And Homomesy Of Antichains In Certain Posets Under The Action Of Rowmotion
      Matthew Plante (University Of Connecticut)
  1. 12:15pm
    1. Brown Bag: Bill Lycan, "Questions, Answers And Lies"
  1. 12:30pm
    1. Careers In Journalism
  1. 1pm
    1. Developing A Research Plan Statement For NSF GRFP
  1. 2:30pm
    1. Chemistry Colloquium: Isamir Martinez, ACS Green Chemistry Institute
  1. 4pm
    1. Afghanistan AndTthe Course Of US Empire
    2. PNB Seminar Series Dr. Pietro De Camilli
    3. The Evolution Of Evelyn Serrano, A Play
  1. 6pm
    1. Alumni Poetry Reading With Meghan Maguire Dahn And Matthew Salyer
  1. 10am
    1. Developing A Research Plan Statement For The NSF GRFP
  1. 12pm
    1. Public Policy Information Session - Master In Public Admin., Public Policy, Fast Track
  1. 2pm
    1. The Blank Page Speaker Series: Staying On The Road
  1. 4pm
    1. Emily Sun on On the Horizon of World Literature
    2. Teale Seminar: Michelle Nijhuis (Journalist)
  1. 10am
    1. Professional Development Workshop For ECE/Philosophy Teachers
  1. 11am
    1. Marine Sciences Seminar: Mike Lomas
  1. 12:15pm
    1. Geography Colloquium - Dr. Linda Mearns
    2. Graduate Student Seminar
  1. 2:15pm
    1. Dietary Methyl Donor Restriction Modifies Tumor Outcome In A Colon-Specific Cancer Model
    2. Thesis Defense
  1. 2:30pm
    1. Logic Colloquium: Dilip Ninan (Tufts)
  1. 9:30am
    1. CWP Virtual Writing Workshop
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