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Sun, Oct 3 2021Mon, Oct 4 2021Tue, Oct 5 2021Wed, Oct 6 2021Thu, Oct 7 2021Fri, Oct 8 2021Sat, Oct 9 2021
  1. 2pm
    1. Dissertation Prospectus Defense Of Aditi Rao
  1. 4pm
    1. IONM Virtual Infosession
  1. 11am
    1. MCB DEI Special Seminar: Bias In STEMM And What You Can Do To Improve Equity And Diversity
  1. 3:30pm
    1. MCB Seminar Series: Dr. Rachel Roper
  1. 6:30pm
    1. The 2nd Mark Twain Distinguished Writer-In-Residence Program With Alexander Chee
  1. 10am
    1. NSF GRFP Awardee Panel
  1. 11:15am
    1. Algebra Seminar
      Explicit Study Of A Non-Identifiable Latent Class Model And A Deficient Secant Variety
      Jeremy Teitelbaum (University Of Connecticut)
  1. 12:15pm
    1. Brown Bag: Mitch Green, “How To Pull An Epistemic Rabbit Out Of A Fictional Hat: On Gaining Knowledge, Or Something Close Enough, From Works Of Fiction.”
  1. 2:30pm
    1. Chemistry Colloquium: Christine Caputo, University Of New Hampshire
  1. 3pm
    1. The Eduardo Halfon Mini-Symposium
  1. 3:30pm
    1. CLAS Master Class: Nicole Sanclemente - Altruistic Advocacy: Ensuring Successful And Collaborative Advocacy Efforts
  1. 6pm
    1. Encounters Dialogue: Getting Housing Right
  1. 10am
    1. International Jewish Humanitarianism In The Age Of The Great War
  1. 12pm
    1. The Eduardo Halfon Mini-Symposium
  1. 2pm
    1. NSF GRFP Awardee Panel
  1. 3:30pm
    1. EEB Seminar: Austin Gray (Virginia Tech)
    2. Mathematics Colloquium
      Policy Evaluation And Temporal-Difference Learning In Continuous Time And Space: A Martingale Lens
      Xunyu Zhou (Columbia University)
  1. 9am
    1. Dissertation Proposal Defense- Mackenzie N. Wink, M.A.
  1. 11am
    1. Marine Sciences Seminar: Melissa Omand
  1. 12:30pm
    1. Geosciences Seminar Series: Kanani Lee:
  1. 3:30pm
    1. UConn Physics Colloquium
  1. 8:30pm
    1. The 3rd UConn Sports Analytics Symposium
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