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James L. and Shirley A. Draper Conference: Keynote Lecture

Thursday, October 9, 2014
5:00pm – 6:30pm

Storrs Campus
Konover Auditorium

What American lives can be made with an education in the various fields encompassed by American Studies? At a time when every aspect of higher education is being questioned and the value of humanities degrees doubted, the James L. and Shirley A. Draper Conference in Early American Studies takes a wide-ranging look at the diverse ways in which the study of American history and culture, past and present, has shaped lives and careers since the mid-1970s. The conference brings together former students and advisees of Draper chair Robert A. Gross to reflect on the opportunities, experiences, and professions opened up by their undergraduate and graduate educations in such areas as American history, literature, art, music, popular culture, government, and sociology and in the interdisciplinary field of American Studies. More info: Attending this event counts toward Sophomore Honors.


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