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Getting to the Heart of Hazing

Monday, September 22, 2014
6:00pm – 7:30pm

Storrs Campus
Jorgensen Center for Performing Arts

Mindy Sopher approaches the topic of hazing from what she calls “The 3 H’s”—heart, harm and help. It’s important to talk about the heart when talking about hazing, because fraternity and sorority members are caring people, as indicated by their commitment to philanthropic efforts. Mindy understands that hazing sometimes comes from a desire to develop members with a strong sense of commitment to their organizations. She makes the connection with students so they understand how hazing destroys a person’s emotional connection to the values of the organization and makes them less committed to organizational ideals. She talks about the results of hazing, the hidden harm it sometimes inflicts on individuals with personal issues and the residual issues hazing can create in some organizations. Finally, she talks about “help”—eliminating bystander behavior that tolerates and empowers hazing. She helps students understand that new non-hazing traditions can replace the harmful ones if extraordinary student leaders step up and take responsibility for changing their organizational culture. Unlike other hazing programs that might focus on scare tactics, stories of death and legal liability, or regulations, Mindy’s program takes a more emotional approach. She asks each student to look into his or her heart and find a more worthy approach to new member education and inclusion. She speaks from a nurturing place, helping students understand how preventing hazing speaks to their personal values and ethics.


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