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"STILL" Art exhibit ends

Thursday, October 16, 2014
9:00am – 7:00pm

Stamford Campus
Art Gallery

Exhibit Ends Today. Come see the co-exhibited artworks of Monique Luchetti & James Mullen. Exhibit dates Sept. 10 - Oct 16, 2014.

J. Mullen: Growing up in a rural environment, I have always felt a connection to the landscape. The landscape has always been a natural vessel for ideas and states of mind, and my work seeks to explore those possibilities.

I am particularly concerned with the particularities of light and the ability it has to transform the ordinary into the exceptional, and how it can impact our understanding of place. These pieces investigate ideas about temporality and moving through space, while seeking to understand how we arrive at a sense of place.

My most recent work explores some of these ideas through the conceit of the window or threshold, as well as through the relationship between photography and painting. I have begun to more fully examine the role photography plays in our understanding of experience, and some of the associations that we assign to it. My interest is focused on the areas of transition between spaces, ideas, methodologies and media. Where these things interface fascinates me, and drives my curiosity to examine the world around me more fully, seeking a deeper understand of my experiences.

M. Luchetti: My work is drawn from the bird collection I photographed at the Yale Peabody Museum's Div. of Vertebrate Zoology. My drawings of these birds speak to the impending mass extinction in the planet & animal world as a result of global warming; and our own species ambivalent role as stewards of our planet. The drawings are mediation on the contradiction inherent in our race to collect, classify and catalog the world around us, as we systematically destroy it. The human race has a complex relationship with the environment and, my work contemplates our role as the species that won the evolutionary battle and consequently the ones that are deciding the fate of our eco system.


Kerrie Mills

UConn Stamford Art Gallery (primary), Stamford Campus

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