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Ling Lunch: Kadir Gökgöz

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
12:30pm – 1:30pm

Storrs Campus
Oak 338

Kadir Gökgöz will be giving a Ling Lunch presentation titled: "How to Licence Directionality in ASL"

Abstract: I will argue in this talk that directionality (physical movement of a special set of verbs to mark the object) in ASL can be accounted for as a semantic mechanism. I propose a two-place operator (Locative Operator, LocOp). Evidence for the relevant parts of the mechanism are obtained by means of several linguistic tests: gapping, NP-ellipsis, extraction, wh-questions and wh-clefts. Before I conclude my talk, I will also share the results of a structural diagnostic borrowed from Preminger (2009) which shows that directionality in ASL behaves in a different way than agreement and clitic-doubling under structural intervention scenarios such as topicalization of the restrictive object to the left-periphery of a higher clause, the placement of the restrictive object in an if-clause and relative clause respectively.

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