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Lecture: Ask a Trans Woman: Live!

Thursday, October 9, 2014
12:00pm – 1:30pm

Storrs Campus
Rainbow Center @ Student Union 403

The Rainbow Center's Out to Lunch Lecture Series continues the semester with a presentation by Lorilei Erisis, entitled, "Ask a Trans Woman: Live! An Improviser’s Journey through Gender & Sexuality."

Lorelei Erisis is a trans woman with few filters. In the first part of this talk, she invites you to join her as she narrates her surprisingly adventurous journey through gender and sexuality. A story that in many ways mirrors the journeys of many other trans people yet also sharply diverges from the standard narrative. She is a binarily identified transgender woman who does not believe in the binary. Instead, Lorelei embraces a view of the world as marvelously complex and often quite nuanced. Which can make a career as an advice columnist rather tricky! Reflecting this view, the second part of this presentation will be a sort of a live version of Lorelei’s popular column, “Ask A Trans Woman”. Rather than a standard Trans 101, audience members will be encouraged to fill out anonymous index cards with the questions they really want to know. Potential audience members may also submit questions beforehand to Lorelei’s column email, with the subject heading, “OTL Questions”. Time and reasonable appropriateness permitting, Lorelei will try her best to answer your questions on the spot! Her training as an improviser and experience with all kinds of audiences allows Lorelei the flexibility to tailor this talk to what you need it to be! Following the main presentation, Lorelei will stick around for a somewhat more intimate discussion. Follow-up questions and in-depth conversation encouraged!

Lorelei Erisis is a writer, performer, activist, adventurer, improviser and a genuine pageant queen! She is also a proud Queer Trans Woman, who regularly writes, speaks and teaches about transgender issues, sexuality and improv. Read her blog at: Lorelei also quite enjoys a nice Irish Whiskey and can be contacted directly at Follow her on Twitter:

Attendees are encouraged to bring their lunches!


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