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Condensed Matter Physics Seminar

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
2:00pm – 3:00pm

Storrs Campus
Gant Science Complex, Room IMS-20

Rohit P. Prasankumar, Los Alamos National Laboratory

“Unraveling the Interplay Between Electric and Magnetic Order in Multiferroic Oxide Heterostructures”

Multiferroic oxides have attracted much attention in recent years due to their potential for controlling magnetism with an electric field and ferroelectricity (FE) with a magnetic field. Existing materials, however, typically display relatively weak coupling between these parameters, making a deeper understanding of magnetoelectric (ME) coupling in multiferroics critical for optimizing their performance in applications. In the past few years, we have demonstrated that ultrafast optical spectroscopy (UOS) is a unique tool for exploring ME coupling in canonical multiferroics such as TbMnO3 and BiFeO3. Here, I will describe more recent work extending these approaches to probe the interplay between FE and magnetic ordering in multiferroic heterostructures. These studies have revealed a long-lived, photoinduced enhancement of the FE polarization in a FE/ferromagnet (FM) heterostructure, as well as the polaronic nature of interfacial magnetic order in a FM/BiFeO3 heterostructure. Furthermore, our results indicate that femtosecond optical pulses can induce transient magnetoelectric coupling in a FE/FM heterostructure, with implications for high speed magnetoelectric devices. Overall, our studies demonstrate the utility of UOS in exploring magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroic oxides and their heterostructures.


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