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Farm Food Safety: Small-Scale, Low Cost Facility Design

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
3:00pm – 6:00pm

Holmberg Orchard, Gales Ferry, CT

Join Cornell Vegetable Program’s Robert Hadad to learn how to design, build, and operate a small-scale, DIY post-harvest handling system!

This great workshop will focus on the trifecta of good washing and handling—food safety, maintaining high quality and efficiency, and affordability for new and small growers. The session starts with a discussion and hands-on demonstration of how to design and set-up your wash line, tables, and packing shed, with a focus on safe and efficient product flow to separate “dirty” field harvested produce from the washed and “clean” final product.

Next, we’ll look at setting up standard operating practices covering a range of methods of washing produce, including dunking, spraying, and aerating, as well as the why and how of using organic sanitizers.

This session finishes with an examination of clean-up procedures and post-harvest handling considerations, including re-cooling, packing, and storage. If you want to build or upgrade your wash lines and post-harvest handling techniques and produce a safer, longer storing product, this workshop is for you!


Diane Hirsch, or 203-407-3163

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