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Water, Water Everywhere, Paean to a Vanishing Resource

Friday, September 11, 2015
6:00pm – 8:00pm

Avery Point Campus
AvS Gallery, Branford House

Please join us for an extraordinary exhibition of great importance to all:

“Water, Water Everywhere Paean to a Vanishing Resource” “Water is the world’s most crucial resource and the basis for all earthly life. Its preservation and protection may be our greatest environmental challenge. The global water crisis affects everyone, from those lacking enough to those experiencing uncontrollable floods that wipe away homes and land and wildlife. Water, Water Everywhere is comprised of 30 second to 30 minute films from forty-one artists worldwide exploring water issues from the political to the personal and from ethics to aesthetics, with works that are documentary, experimental, educational, humorous, solemn, animated or acted.” (Jennifer Heath, curator) In harmony with this theme the exhibition will include 2 and 3 dimensional work by regional artists. (curated by Julia Pavone & David Madacsi)


Julia PAvone, 860-405-9052,

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