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Microbiology Journal Club

Monday, November 30, 2015
4:00pm – 5:00pm

Storrs Campus
Kresge Library (TLS 263)

Jacob Leeser will present:

2015 Apr 13;10(4):e0124360. doi: 10.1371/http://journal.pone.0124360. eCollection 2015.

Overview of a surface-ripened cheese community functioning by meta-omics analyses.

Dugat-Bony E1, Straub C1, Teissandier A2, Onésime D3, Loux V4, Monnet C1, Irlinger F1, Landaud S5, Leclercq-Perlat MN1, Bento P4, Fraud S6, Gibrat JF4, Aubert J2, Fer F7, Guédon E3, Pons N8, Kennedy S8, Beckerich JM1, Swennen D1, Bonnarme P1.


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