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Shakespeare's Songbook performed by UConn Collegium Musicum

Friday, September 23, 2016
8:00pm – 9:00pm

Storrs Campus
William Benton Museum of Art


While the plays of William Shakespeare are best known for their language and themes, the Bard also included songs and dance as elements in many of his productions, often to enhance key moments in his dramatic narrative.

Vocal and instrumental music included in Shakespeare’s plays, as well as other music he would have heard composed by his artistic contemporaries, will be part of “Shakespeare’s Songbook,” performed by the UConn Collegium Musicum and directed by Eric Rice.

The Collegium Musicum is comprised of singers and instrumentalists who perform the music of the late Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque periods each semester using the University’s collection of early instruments.

For “Shakespeare’s Songbook,” the primary performers will include 25 singers and 12 instrumentalists using several instruments used during the playwright’s lifetime. They include a viola da gamba, a six string bowed instrument held between the legs and played like a cello; wooden recorders; a brass instrument that is the forerunner of the trombone, known as a sackbut; a cornetto, which is a wooden lip-vibrated wind instrument with wind holes, and percussion instruments.

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