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10th Annual Graduate Research Conference

Monday, August 29, 2016
1:00pm – 6:00pm

Storrs Campus
Homer Babbidge Library Class of 1947 Room

The 10th Annual Graduate Research Conference, Department of History

Panel One: Protest Stories, 1:15-3:00 Chair: Claudio Luis Quaresma Daflon

Francis Guerrera, The Pilgrimage of Grace: The English People’s Cultural Reaction to Unnatural Social Change

Laura Asson, Providence, Popery, and Parliament: The Political Language of Music in the American Revolution

Anthony Nanni, The Pursuit of Property: Examining Economic Motivations in the Cherokee’s Resistance against Indian Removal Policies

Gwendolyn Hay, The Real ‘Free Willy’: How Keiko Shaped the Modern Debate regarding Keeping Marine Mammals in Captivity

Commentator: Aimee Loiselle

Coffee, Tea, and Cookies break, 3-3:15

Panel Two: Networking, 3:15-4:50 Chair: Jessica Strom

Winifred Maloney, "To give them a proper place in the war’s history”: Joseph Wilson’s The Black Phalanx

Luisa Arrieta, A Museum of Regeneration: Nation and Visual Culture in Colombia, 1880-1886

Yang Zheng, The Lessons of American Women’s Education: Kang Tongbi in the United States, 1903-1909

Commentator: Jorell Meléndez Badillo

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Heather Cox Richardson (Boston College), 5:00-6:00, “Writing History: The Theory and Practice of Narrative.”

Professor Cox Richardson's most recent book is To Make Men Free: A History of the Republican Party. She also coordinates a blog:


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