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Lecture: Jack’d: Site of Exclusion w/in a Site of Inclusion

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
12:00pm – 1:30pm

Storrs Campus
Rainbow Center; Student Union 403

The Out to Lunch Gender, Sexuality, and Community is a weekly academic lecture and discussion series with guest scholars and community activists from various disciplines examining a variety of topics related to gender identity, gender expression, and sexuality. Each semester offers a broad sampling of the areas.

Today's lecture is entitled, "Jack’d, a Mobile Social Networking Application: A Site of Exclusion Within a Site of Inclusion" and it will be presented by Michael Bartone.

Synopsis: User-generated smartphone applications have created a new level of virtual connectivity for gay males, one in which users can create profiles and meet other users as nearby or as far away as possible. For those within close proximity, the other users can be considered their “virtual neighbors.” Although the applications are theoretically designed to be places of inclusion and not exclusion, where any gay male with economic means can download an application, many profiles have been created that exclude other users. Through an examination of profiles on one such application, Jack’d, exclusion is found in the way users celebrate and reinforce ideas of traditional masculinity and denigrate and reinforce stereotypic ideas of femininity embodied by some gay men. Jack’d, and other user-generated smartphone applications, can be read as virtual neighborhoods where one is excluded based on their gender performance.

Biography: Michael D. Bartone, PhD. is an assistant professor of elementary education in the department of Literacy, Elementary, and Early Childhood Education at Central Connecticut State University. His work focuses on the intersections of race and sexuality and youth come to know and understand these intersecting identities through schooling experience. Further, he examines what teachers know about these intersecting identities and how their instruction (in/ex)cludes these identities.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their lunches.


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