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Beyond UConn

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
5:30pm – 9:00pm

Storrs Campus
Rome Ballroom

Beyond UConn is a conference for students graduating from UConn and designed to provide assistance in the world of transitioning to life after college. Students will have the opportunity to learn essential career and life skills from top employers and UConn alumni.

Session Topics Include:

Panel: “Understanding Company Culture”

Beyond UConn- A Strong Start to Your New Job: Congratulations, you accepted a job offer and you are ready to start your career. How much thought have you given to your first day? Your first month? Your first six months on the job? This session will help you think through and prepare you to take action which will help you get off to a strong start. We’ll talk about: Day 1 – who is responsible for what; Becoming a part of your new team; Understanding what success looks like; Building strong professional relationships; Communication is the key; Understand (and value) your reputation

I Have a Paycheck: Now What?: Getting a paycheck is definitely exciting, but can be daunting too- especially when there are lots of bills to pay and usually the need to save. This workshop explores creating a plan for managing your money each paycheck within the framework of having an annual budget and a few financial goals. Without goals, and a plan, whether it is to save for a vacation, pay-off student loans, or to put something extra toward retirement, it is unlikely that you will have success and positive results. Gain tips and strategies to feel confident in managing your paycheck and finances.

Moving Out and On: Moving away from the pastoral town of Storrs to pursue opportunities elsewhere? Wondering how you will find your new go-to coffee shop or restaurant in a new city or town? Or maybe the logistics of packing up your belongings or buying renters insurance can be overwhelming. Whether you are heading down the street, to your parent’s house, or to another country, this session will offer some tips on making a move as smooth and as stress-limited as possible.

The Work/Life #Sway: Finding sway means embracing the natural ebb and flow between work and life. There will be times when work takes priority, and other times things such as family and self-care. With a new job, new responsibilities, and new hours, how do you manage it all? This session will cover some ideas to help you sway your new work life with also having time for yourself in addition to your career.

The Search is On: Still not exactly sure of your plans beyond UConn? Are you interested in learning about more tips on the job search, interviewing, or about self-designing an opportunity? Or would you like more information on other options after graduation besides full time employment, like gap years, volunteering, and internships? Wherever you are in your plans, this session will help you with figuring out your next steps.

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