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Class of 2032 Workshop

Thursday, December 6, 2018
6:30pm – 8:30pm

Storrs Campus
HBL 1101 (Viz Studio)

Join us for a workshop to explore challenges for the future of schooling. With clips from the documentary film Class of 2032: Schooling for a Digital Culture. Thursday, December 6th 6:30-8:30pm Homer Babbidge Library Visualization Studio (1101)

“When you no longer have control over the information that a student receives, your role in that classroom changes”

Jonathan Costa, Class of 2032: Schooling for a Digital Culture

“Media literacy is more important than ever before. Because of course knowledge again is the seed of our economy. And education is the prime way we get citizens to be able to access that knowledge, to become informed citizens."

Michael Lynch, Class of 2032: Schooling for a Digital Culture

About the film

Young children are growing up in the midst of a technological revolution that is changing how they interact with information in and out of the classroom. Class of 2032: Schooling for a Digital Culture explores the participatory nature of digital technology and examines how young children interact with online information through services like YouTube and Google. The film presents current challenges to the traditional one-way transfer of information while serving as a call to action for parents and educators of the Class of 2032 and beyond.

Class of 2032: Schooling for a Digital Culture is part of a larger crowdsourcing and documentary project designed to engage parents, students, and educators in a conversation about the future school experience. This film serves as the first installment of a series of documentary features that will explore educational issues that impact the Class of 2032 and beyond.

About the producers

Matthew Worwood:

Matthew Worwood is the co-founder and director of the Class of 2032 Project. Formally, a Digital Media Specialist at EdAdvance, Matthew now leads the Digital Media & Design program at the University of Connecticut, Stamford campus. Past work includes the documentary Creativity in Education: Exploring the Imbalance and collaborating on the design and development for the Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. More recently, Matthew has served on the advisory committee for the NMC Horizon Report: Higher Education Edition, published a chapter on the principles of Design Thinking as part of Springer’s Creativity in the 21st Century book series, and launched Digital Media CT, a statewide education initiative to support Connecticut’s film, television, and digital media industry.

Matthew is the proud parent of three young boys, blogs at and serves as an executive board member at Everwonder Children’s Museum.

Samantha Olschan:

Samantha Olschan is an artist, animator, and educator with an M.F.A. in Film, Video & New Media: Animation from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago & a B.F.A in Fine Arts: Electronic & Time-Based Media from Carnegie Mellon University. Before joining the University of Connecticut Digital Media & Design Department, Sam


Brooke Foti Gemmell,

Digital Media & Design (primary), Libraries, Neag School of Education, UConn Master Calendar

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