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Intersectionality Abroad: The Role of International Human Rights Law in Race and Gender Discrimination and Subordination

Thursday, April 18, 2019
5:00pm – 7:00pm

Law School
Janet M. Blumberg Hall

A lecture by Professor Isis Aparecida Conceicao, this event explores intersectionality in a global context. Discussion includes “gentrified intersectionality" - characterized by the exclusion of women of color - and a focus on three emblematic human rights cases. The cases involve Black women’s rights being denied or violated by the Brazilian state, and Professor Conceicao identifies the tools that perpetuate the lack of intersectionality in Black women's human rights. The central question is:

How can we use intersectional approaches to advance the rights of Afro-Brazilians and women of the color in the Global South?


Jamelia Morgan;

Law School (primary), Global Training and Development Institute, Human Rights Institute, Public Policy School, UConn Master Calendar, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies

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