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Annnual Logic Lecture: Sara Negri (Helsinki)

Wednesday, May 1, 2019
4:00pm – 6:00pm

Storrs Campus
Humanities Institute seminar room, Babbidge Library, 4th Floor

Each year, the UConn Logic Group bestows the title of Scholar of Consequence to an eminent logician whose work shaped the field.

The 2019 Scholar of Consequence is Sara Negri (Helsinki, Finland).

Professor Negri will give the following public the Annual Logic Lecture:

A three-fold method for non-classical logics


There are three established ways of analysing the validity of a logical argument: axiomatic, semantic, and inferential; they correspond to what could be called the normative, the descriptive, and the deductive face of a logical system and are tightly related to each other by fundamental meta-theorems.

For non-classical logics, each of the three aspects has drawbacks when considered in isolation. The situation changes, however, drastically when the three aspects are developed in parallel. Through the labelled formalism, by now is a well-developed methodology, models can be considered as purely mathematical objects with no ontological assumptions upon them: the semantics is turned into an essential component in the syntax of sequent calculi with invertible rules. Such calculi not only provide a tool for the automatisation of reasoning, but can also be used to establish very general properties of logical systems.

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