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MBB Journal Club: Dr. Justin Radolf

Monday, December 16, 2019
12:00pm – 1:00pm

UConn Health

Evidence for phospholipid export from the bacterial inner membrane by the Mla ABC transport system Gareth W. Hughes 1,11, Stephen C. L. Hall 1,11, Claire S. Laxton2,11, Pooja Sridhar1,11, Amirul H. Mahadi1, Caitlin Hatton3, Thomas J. Piggot 4,5, Peter J. Wotherspoon1, Aneika C. Leney 1, Douglas G. Ward6, Mohammed Jamshad7, Vaclav Spana1, Ian T. Cadby1, Christopher Harding1, Georgia L. Isom8, Jack A. Bryant1, Rebecca J. Parr1, Yasin Yakub1, Mark Jeeves6, Damon Huber 7, Ian R. Henderson9, Luke A. Clifton10, Andrew L. Lovering1 and Timothy J. Knowles 1* Nat ure Microbiology | VOL 4 | OCTOBER 1692 2019 | 1692–1705 |


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