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NCORE Webinar Series: Keeping the Dream Alive: A College-wide Approach to Embracing DREAMers

Wednesday, October 30, 2019
4:00pm – 5:30pm

Storrs Campus
Class of 1947 Conference Room [HBL, Plaza level]

Presenters: Eric Lara, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Student Success and Equity | Laura Muniz, Counselor, DREAM Program | DarĂ­o Fernandez, Director, DREAM Program Closed captioning provided.

Undocumented students bear an unusually heavy burden to attend and maintain their enrollment in college. With the rescission of DACA, Dream students need institutional safety nets to assist with, and assure, their continued enrollment and overall support. An overview of undocumented students' issues, the DACA dilemma, and specific actions that colleges can take to institute policies and practices that support DREAM students will be presented. Specific services, strategies, student stories, and approaches in working with Dream students and how the Dream Center was established on campus will also be shared. This session should particularly benefit those institutions, faculty, staff, and administrators who are searching for alternative ways to support and guide their DACAmented students, as well as staff who provide, or would like to provide, direct services to undocumented students but may not know the appropriate approach.


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