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TRUTH 20/20 Conference

Monday, August 3, 2020
12:00am – 11:59pm

Repeats daily until 08/06/2020.


TRUTH 20/20

Online Conference

27 JULY 2020 – 6 AUGUST 2020

TRUTH 20/20, an online conference on the nature and value of truth, will be held from 27 July 2020 through 6 August 2020. The conference will be convened by the University of Connecticut Humanities Institute Future of Truth Project, the University of Waikato Philosophy Programme, and Virtual International Consortium for Truth Research.

TRUTH 20/20 brings together a community of philosophers united by an interest in understanding the nature and value of truth. The year 2020 is unlike any in recent memory. We face the novel COVID-19 pandemic as well as an ongoing pandemic of misinformation driven by political propaganda, fake news, personalized social media, and the politicization of basic facts. As the coronavirus pandemic has spread across the globe, we have been forced to reinvent and reimagine how we interact with one another. Nowhere is this more perspicuous than in scholarly pursuits. What better way to have an online socially-distanced conference than one that focuses on the topic of truth?

The conference is free and open to everyone with an interest in philosophy, especially those with an interest in theories of truth, history of analytic philosophy, and philosophical logic. The conference will employ the Zoom platform for the meeting. Anyone who would like to attend should register for the conference at, preferably before 24 July 2020, so that details about the Zoom link may be sent to you before the start of the conference. Or, you may contact one of the conference curators (see website for contact information).

A simple request to attendees: In lieu of conference registration fees, hotel and travel accommodation, and restaurant and pub bills, conference curators humbly ask participants and attendees to make a donation to a charitable organisation, such as Oxfam, Black Lives Matter Global Network, or Centre for Disaster Philanthropy - COVID-19 Response Fund.


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