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Logic Colloquium: Sam Sanders

Friday, October 9, 2020
11:00am – 12:30pm

Storrs Campus

Join us for the online Logic Colloquium, this week with a talk from Sam Sanders (TU Darmstadt)!

"Brouwer, Plato, and classification"

Abstract: Classification is an essential part of all the exact sciences, including mathematical logic. The program Reverse Mathematics classifies theorems of ordinary mathematics according to the minimal axioms needed for a proof. We show that the current scale, based on comprehension and discontinuous functions, is not satisfactory as it classifies many intuitively weak statements, like the uncountability of $\mathbb{R}$ or properties of the Riemann integral, in the same rather strong class. We introduce an alternative/ complimentary scale with better properties based on (classically valid) continuity axioms from Brouwer’s intuitionistic mathematics. We discuss how these new results provide empirical support for Platonism.

All welcome.

Please contact Marcus Rossberg for log-in information.


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