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A Conversation About Latin America, Human Rights, & Local Politics

Tuesday, October 13, 2020
2:00pm – 3:30pm


The purpose of this panel discussion is to provide a forum to highlight the contributions of Latin America in the formulation of human rights as an international framework to address injustice; and to highlight some of the avenues Hispanic and Latinx communities can and have used to fight for a more just world. The panelists will address the history of Latin America's involvement in the development of human rights instruments, Latin American innovations in collective litigation, and, locally, human rights issues pertinent to communities in Connecticut ahead of the coming elections. Our passionate experts will highlight the past, present, and future implications of collective and democratic action within a human rights framework.

Meet the Panelists: 1. JAMES CAVALLARO JD, PH.D., Director Stanford Human Rights Center Former Commissioner and President, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

2. EMILY LUNA Director of Scheduling Office of Lieutenant Governor Bysiewicz

3. ANGEL OQUENDO JD, PH.D. George J. and Helen M. England Professor of Law UConn Author, Latin American Law

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