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VICTR presents Masahura Mizumoto

Tuesday, September 29, 2020
10:00am – 11:00am


Title: "A Prolegomenon to the empirical cross-linguistic study of truth"

Abstract: In this paper we propose and justify the cross-linguistic study of truth based on empirical studies of truth predicates, by investigating in particular those in English and Japanese. Arne Næss had begun the empirical study of truth by questioning ordinary people about their views on what truth is, but here, based on what we call the argument from linguistic diversity, we try to establish the relevance of linguistic data by showing the difference of the uses of truth predicates between English and Japanese. Our main discovery is that the moral-political factor in the truth-bearer (utterance) strongly affects the uses of Japanese truth predicates but not those of English “is true”. Thus, this research unexpectedly turned out to be an intersection of the study of truth and the empirical studies of the effect of the moral factor on our judgments since the Knobe effect. We will argue that this difference is due to the different semantic properties of respective truth predicates, appealing to what we call the argument from intra-linguistic variance. Although this project is still preliminary, it shows that there is a linguistic variance in truth predicates, or at least that the possibility of what we call the lexical alethic pluralism is real, which would have significant implications to contemporary debates over theories like relativism, deflationism, theory of meaning, etc. The cross-linguistic study of truth of the present style should therefore be taken seriously and is worth further exploring.

Masaharu Mizumoto is associate professor of School of Knowledge Science, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

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