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Becoming An Adult During A Public Health Crisis: COVID-19’s Impact On Emerging Adults

Thursday, October 8, 2020
12:30pm – 2:00pm

Storrs Campus

Becoming an Adult during a Public Health Crisis: COVID-19’s Impact on Emerging Adults

Presentations: “The Impact of COVID-19 on Young Adults: Coping with Anxiety During the Early Months of the Pandemic” Presenter: Beth Russell, PhD (Co-PI, HDFS) Additional Team Members: Crystal Park (Co-PI, Psychological Sciences), Michael Fendrich (Co-PI, Social Work), Morica Hutchison (Grad Student, HDFS), Jessica Becker Rica (Research Assistant, Social Work)

“The LGBTQ+ COVID-related RElationships and Well-being (CREW) Study” Presenter: Eva Lefkowitz (PI, HDFS) Additional Team Members: Additional Team Members: Samantha Lawrence (Grad Student, HDFS), Yuan Zhang (Grad Student, HDFS), Alyssa Clark (Grad Student, HDFS), Tracy L. Walters (Grad Student, HDFS), Rachael Farina (Grad Student, HDFS), Veronica Hanna-Walker (Grad Student, HDFS)

“Evaluating UConn Student Well-Being in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Preliminary Findings” Presenter: Saraswathi Bellur (Co-PI, Communication) Additional Team Members: Rebecca Acabchuk (Co-PI, InCHIP), Emily Hennessy (Co-PI, InCHIP), Leslie Snyder (Communication), Deborah Cornman (InCHIP), Linda Pescatello (Kinesiology), Crystal Park (Psychological Sciences), Blair Johnson (Psychological Sciences), Keith Bellizzi (HDFS), David Ouimette (Executive Director, Office of First Year Programs & Learning Communities), Mary-Jeanne Raleigh (Interim Co-Leader of Mental Health), Gregory Champion (Program Assistant, Honors Programming & Events Office), Madeleine Aseltine (Undergrad Student), Isha Walawalkar (Grad Student, Public Health Sciences), Kaleigh Ligus (Grad Student, HDFS), Emily Fritzson (Grad Student, HDFS)

“Disruptions in the Medical Management and Care of College Students with Pre-Existing Mental Health Conditions during the COVID-19 Pandemic” Presenter: Kaleigh Ligus (Grad Student, HDFS) Additional Team Members: Keith Bellizzi (PI, HDFS), Emily Fritzson (Grad Student, HDFS)

“Healthy and Safe: Building a Culture of Positive Behavior During an Pandemic” Presenters: Eleanor Daugherty (Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Dean of Students), Joseph Briody (Interim Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs & Director of Student Activities), Jenn Longa (Assistant Dean of Students for Victim Support Services & Bystander Initiatives), Hans Rhynhart (Associate Vice President of Public Safety, Chief of Police)


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