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Math Physics Learning Seminar
Xiaodong Yan, University Of Connecticut
An Approximate Smectic Liquid Crystal Model: Compactness And Sharp Lower Bound

Friday, October 30, 2020
10:00am – 11:00am

Storrs Campus
online (please contact Masha)

Smectic liquid crystals are remarkable examples of geometrically frustrated multi-layer system of soft matters. The sutble interplay between the geometry of the layers and equal spacing imposes theoretical complications and understanding the layer structures is a challenging task. In this talk, we shall discuss an approximate nonlinear smectic liquid crystal model in 2 dimensions. Our main results are a compactness theorem for a sequence with bounded energy and a sharp lower bound on the energy. Our analysis indicates that for the 2d model we studied, the defect energy of asymptotically minimal configurations corresponds to the energy of a 1D ansatz, which confirms equipartition between the bending and compression terms in the energy functional is optimal. This is joint work with Michael Novack.


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