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Submissions due for Uyghur Genocide Awareness Art Competition

Sunday, November 29, 2020
11:58pm – 11:59pm


The UConn MSA is holding a campus wide art contest to raise awareness for the Uighur genocide. Millions of muslims are being detained, tortured, and forced into labor in concentration camps in China simply because of their religion. This is the largest human rights abuse and instance of religious persecution since the Holocaust. Through this contest we hope to raise student awareness about the crisis, and to create emotionally resonant and informative artwork that celebrates Uighur cultures and brings attention to these human rights violations.

This contest is open to all UConn students, including graduate students. Students can submit any type of art of any length whether it be video, painting, creative writing, music, etc. There will be a $50 cash prize as well as Uighur themed merchandise for the winners. It is completely free to participate. Submissions are due on Sunday, November 29th at midnight and must be uploaded to this google form:

The full list of rules is also in the google form.

For faculty and students who are not able to submit to the art contest but still want to support our efforts, you can sign our petition which demands that UConn officially denounce the Uyghur genocide ( The petition also calls for UConn to condemn and properly discipline the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, who have been emailing students and faculty saying the genocide is a lie and that the MSAs campaign is alarmist and baseless. Denying this genocide is equivalent to denying the Holocaust, and this dissemination of lies and hatred should not be tolerated by the University. All the names from the petition will be put in a giant art piece that will be projected onto prominent locations on campus. If you would like to donate to support Uyghur refugees you can venmo @uconnmsa with the title “Uyghur Petition.” All the money will go to the non-profit ICNA Relief’s fund which supports Uyghur refugee widows and orphans living in Turkey. Every dollar you donate will increase the size of your name in the art piece. You can also donate directly to ICNA Relief ( and email screenshots or confirmations of your donation with the subject line “Uyghur Petition-Full Name” to increase the size of your name.


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