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Logic Colloquium
Minimal Change Theories Of Conditionals, The Import-Export Law, And Modus Ponens
Alessandro Zucchi (University Of Milan)

Friday, May 7, 2021
10:00am – 11:30am

Storrs Campus

Join us for the Logic Colloquium!

Alessandro Zucchi (University of Milan, La Statale)

"Minimal change theories of conditionals, the import-export law, and modus ponens"

Stalnaker's minimal change semantics for conditionals fails to support the import-export law, according to which (a) and (b) are logically equivalent: (a) if A, then if B, then C (b) if A and B, then C However, natural language conditionals seem to abide by the law. McGee (1985) outlines a minimal change semantics for conditionals that supports it. I argue that, in fact, the equivalence between (a) and (b) does not hold unrestrictedly, and I suggest that the facts follow from the interaction between the semantics of conditionals and the ways suppositions may affect the context. I conclude by describing the consequences of my account for the issue of the validity of modus ponens.



Damir Dzhafarov,

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