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Summer Recovery Ally Training

Thursday, August 5, 2021
10:00am – 12:00pm


The Recovery Ally Training Program was launched campus-wide in January 2020. Students who have a strong support base have a greater chance of achieving long-term recovery from substance use disorders. Recovery allies, family members, and loved ones play a critical role in supporting a student in recovery from addiction. Addiction is a brain disease that affects entire families and communities. Friends, family, staff, and faculty can make a difference and positively influence a student on the path to recovery.

The Recovery Ally training program is a two-hour, highly interactive program, facilitated by people in recovery. You will learn the following:

Understand the complex nature of addiction as a disease and that substance use disorders often cannot be resolved by the individual choosing to stop Confront the myths and stigma regarding addiction and recovery and how its negative impact deters individuals from seeking support Use empathetic language and effectively listen when a person chooses to honor you by disclosing that they are struggling with substance use Define and understand that recovery is a lifetime journey with multiple pathways to achieving wellness in recovery Know available recovery support resources that are on and off-campus and how to access them

To register, go to, then complete the registration form selecting the class that works best with your schedule.


Sandy Valentine,

UConn Recovery Community (primary), Student Health and Wellness, UConn Master Calendar

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