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Advice & Perspective: How We Found A Sense Of Belonging As Friends And Professionals

Wednesday, June 9, 2021
3:00pm – 4:00pm


Feeling a sense of belonging has been shown to lead to increased mental health, camaraderie, and productivity in the workplace… but it's easier said than done, right? Join us for a conversation with Ashton Beason-Jones ('11 CLAS) and Jordan Bennett ('11 CLAS) who will share how they have both found a sense of belonging at various points throughout their careers. Both political science majors (and roommates!) at UConn, Jordan now works in political communications while Ashton has made a career shift into IT. Throughout his career in politics, Jordan has always been drawn to jobs that revolve around impact, or as he puts it, making a difference through relationships and storytelling. Being Black, queer and a first-generation college student, he has worked in various spaces where he did not find many others who shared his identities, such as with a reproductive rights organization and on Capitol Hill, but he has prioritized finding a sense of belonging due to the importance of his work. Ashton, on the other hand, has considered many career paths throughout his college and post-college years, but has remained in IT at companies like Apple and Cigna because of the strong relationships he has built with mentors and colleagues of many different identities and experience levels. Also a first-generation student and now professional, he stresses the importance of finding people who will build your confidence, provide constructive criticism to help you improve, and advocate for you when opportunities arise. Both Ashton and Jordan are still good friends today and are excited to share their stories and advice around belonging.

This event is part of the Advice & Perspective series, which is an opportunity for UConn alumni to share lessons they have learned since graduating with current UConn students. This summer, all events in the series will feature Black alumni sharing their advice and perspective on navigating the workplace as a Black professional.

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