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Panel on Making UConn a Bike-Friendly Campus

Tuesday, November 30, 2021
6:00pm – 7:00pm

Storrs Campus
MCHU 106

Join the UConn Praxis Sustainable Skies Campaign for a panel discussion and open forum with students and faculty on the state of biking access at UConn Storrs. We will hear from Gaston Neville, USG Chair of the Transportation and Recreation Subcommittee, Phoebe Mrozinski, BOLD Scholar (Bold Women Bike) and Assistant Bike Mechanic at the UConn Adventure Center, and Dr. Norman W. Garrick, UConn civil engineer with research projects in sustainable transportation and bicyclist facility design.

Our discussion will cover: - The barriers to biking on Storrs campus and in the surrounding community - Past successes of biking advocacy efforts in the town of Mansfield - How students can access rental bikes and other resources on campus and in the community - The benefits of biking and bike infrastructure for road safety, public health, and our planet

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This is an Honors Event. Categories: Social Change, Service, & Sustainability.



Olivia Dwight,

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